Harmonious Balance Goddess Power Affirmation Bracelet


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The harmonious balance power affirmation bracelet is a blend of crystals for harmony, serenity and balance.

It features:

Pink Jade which is perfect harmony, balance, serenity and perspective.

Rainbow Fluorite which is a highly protective and stabilizing stone that is useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy.

The addition is Hematite to this bracelet and most of my bracelets helps to absorb negative energy and calms you through times of stress or worry.

This is a powerful combination, indeed.

Pink Jade x Rainbow Flourite x Hematite x Handcarved Bone x Charm

Charms will vary:

Lotus • Moon • other symbols of feminine empowerment

Choose your power affirmation charm from the charms listing separately. If you are ordering multiple bracelets and would like a specific charm on this bracelet

Note— The size most ordered by women and men is a Small size 7; there is stretch to each bracelet. Women with smaller wrists typically order a size 6.5

All Juju Jewel Jewelry ™️  and crystals are intuitively selected and hand made with intention. 

Here, self care is spiritual ✨

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