Concrete Rose Tea Toner


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A blend of distilled water, aloe, lemon and herbs. Use it as a toner or to refresh the face throughout the day.

Rose Essential oil hydrates dry skin, clear acne, reduce signs of aging, minimize the appearance of scars, and help with conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

Geranium Essential Oil effectively eliminates dead cells, tighten the skin, promote the regeneration of new skin, and diminishes signs of aging. Used medicinally, Geranium Essential Oil works as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent.

The color of the liquid is reddish-brown that naturally results from steeping the fresh herbs

āœØFace Cleansing TipsāœØ
Use a facial brush (make sure it's cleaned daily)
Use a 3-4 step process
ā€¢Pre-cleanse:Aquamarine or Concrete Rose Oil
ā€¢Cleanse:Blu-tox; 6 til Dark or The Cool Soap
ā€¢Face Mask and/or Exfoliate ( when needed)
ā€¢Toner: Concrete Rose or Bawse Toner
ā€¢Moisturize: Sunmint or Concrete Rose Serum

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