Big Daddy Tonic Sexual + Wellness Tonic


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This tonic was made for men's wellness with an herbal combination that with support the male reproductive system and overall health.

Organic, alcohol-base tonic that includes cinnamon and ginger

🌿Herbs in this tonic🌿

✨Muira Puama✨

Muira Puama bark enhances the libido and increase the circulation, having a positive effect on the erectile tissues of men. A natural aphrodisiac cures sexual debility and erectile dysfunction.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen added to
balances the actions of your metabolism. For example some herbs increase Blood Pressure, others decrease it, but Ashwagandha will correct Blood Pressure whether it is high or low.

✨Eleuthero aka Siberian Ginseng✨

Do you find yourself burdened with Stress or fatigued ?
Eleuthero also known as is an herb native to Southeastern Siberia, is a Supertonic. It is a general tonic used to revitalize the body and mind.The Herb is used to deal with extreme exertion or when body demands extra physical strength and high energy.

The antidepressant action of the herb works wonders for people under chronic Stress, by, restoring the over stressed adrenal glands.
It has an anabolic action which helps to increase the body weight of a lean body.
The Herb provides great respiratory endurance.

✨Hawthorn Berries✨

This is the herb for heart health and heart function. It is highly effective herb for Heart Problems and enhances Heart functioning.
It regulates the coronary blood flow.

It is highly effective herb for the heart with many other benefits that include:

diuretic properties
the prevention of kidney/bladder stones
enhancement of sleep/ cures insomnia

💫Herb Juju: The facts and the nitty gritty💫

This is a combination of herbs that are the best for supporting the male endocrine system and when consumed in moderation, they can prevent disease, improve the quality of life and prolong it.

💫Do not use if If you are taking medication for high blood pressure or diabetes, be careful. This tonic may enhance the effects, your blood pressure may fall drastically and blood sugar may go too low.

💫These statements have not been approved by the FDA

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