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Weekly Tarot Reading & Checklist Planner

Weekly Tarot Reading & Checklist Planner

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It is time to plan your weeks with more intention with this Weekly Tarot Reading & Checklist Planner!

The purpose of this checklist and planner is to help you plan your weeks with the assistance of your spirit guides. By completing a tarot or oracle reading each week, you can set the intention to head into the week more prepared and guided. You can use this as an opportunity to be more purposeful with your planning and as a way to practice listening to your intuition!

This planner comes complete with:

  • 52 weekly checklists, geared to last you an entire year.
  • Fillable moon phases for the week.
  • A prompt to write the deck used, intention for the week, and any crystals if used.
  • A space to write down each card you pulled and what they represent for you.
  • 13 checklist spots to fill in based on your reading.
  • A section to reflect on how the task made you feel and due date.


  • 8.5" x 11"
  • Spiral bound
  • Perforated pages should you need to pull your checklist out.
  • Cover and back are 130lb Gloss Cover
  • Interior checklist pages are 80lb uncoated text weight
  • Total of 53 pages (intro page and 52 checklists)

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